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Sep 2018
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Planning Input for Supply Chain




Supply Chain Manager - Knauf

Knauf is a multinational producer of building materials and construction systems, headquartered in Iphofen, Germany. Knauf has over 23,000 employees in over 40 countries, and has a turnover in excess of €5.6billion. 

Production Planner - My Xuan Ceramic

My Xuan Ceramic is one of the leading housewares ceramic manufacturing company in Vietnam, exporting most of its production to Europe with total headcounts over 300 and sales over $5m and main customer being Ikea.

Logistics Manager - New Viet Diary

Own 5 warehouses with modern frozen and chill system and big delivery team at 5 sites, we are finding a good candidate for Logistics Manager. Dynamic, experienced and good educated people are welcomed for this vacancy.

LEAN Manufacturing Quiz I

1. Value Stream Mapping looks at:

2. A product family matrix is used in value stream mapping to:

3. The recommended level for beginning to map a value stream for a product family is:

4. Calculate the Takt Time based on the following information: Customer demand is 34,400 parts per month. The company works 5 days per week and on average 20 days per month. There are two, eight hour shifts. Lunch is 30 minutes per shift. Two, ten minute breaks are taken per shift. The calculated Takt Time is:

5. Data boxes on a value stream map should contain information based on:

6. One of the biggest mistakes in implementing Lean Manufacturing is:

7. A supermarket is used where:

8. Creating value stream loops after future state mapping helps you to:

9. 5S (choose best answer below)

10. 5S efforts often fail to be sustained because:

11. A major barrier to inventory reduction and batch size reduction is:

12. Set-up Time is typically classified in two categories as:

13. Please circle the incorrect statement:

14. Select the non-value added activity:

15. Making something earlier or faster than required by the next process “just-in-case” is an example of which type of waste?

16. What is the goal of TPM?

17. Start pulling work through the system, look at the production scheduling and move towards daily orders with ________ cards.

18. The following are all examples of waste in business, except which one?

19. A key feature of Kaizen is that improvements are achieved by making

20. JIT aims to ensure that inputs into the production process only arrive