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Sep 2018
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Planning Input for Supply Chain




Supply Chain Manager - Knauf

Knauf is a multinational producer of building materials and construction systems, headquartered in Iphofen, Germany. Knauf has over 23,000 employees in over 40 countries, and has a turnover in excess of €5.6billion. 

Production Planner - My Xuan Ceramic

My Xuan Ceramic is one of the leading housewares ceramic manufacturing company in Vietnam, exporting most of its production to Europe with total headcounts over 300 and sales over $5m and main customer being Ikea.

Logistics Manager - New Viet Diary

Own 5 warehouses with modern frozen and chill system and big delivery team at 5 sites, we are finding a good candidate for Logistics Manager. Dynamic, experienced and good educated people are welcomed for this vacancy.

LEAN Manufacturing Quiz II

1. The main reason why a business will want to reduce waste is to

2. A benefit of using cell production is

3. The lean production approach Kaizen is associated with the term

4. The concept of lean production originated in the

5. Lean production is a management approach focused on

6. What is the correct meaning of Takt Time?

7. What is the meaning of Heijunka?

8. What is Poka Yoke?

9. What is Jidoka?

10. In a lean work cell, the supervisor’s main responsibility is:

11. Pilot lean projects should be chosen based on:

12. In a lean manufacturing work cell, who has authority to stop production?

13. Place the 5S’s in the proper order:

14. Change over should be organized on the basis of:

15. “Queue” means:

16. One-piece-flow means

17. Kanban is based on a model of:

18. The term that relates to matching the output rate with customer demand in a JIT system is:

19. Which one of these is a system of lights used to signal problems in a lean production system?

20. Waste