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Planning Input for Supply Chain




Supply Chain Manager - Knauf

Knauf is a multinational producer of building materials and construction systems, headquartered in Iphofen, Germany. Knauf has over 23,000 employees in over 40 countries, and has a turnover in excess of €5.6billion. 

Production Planner - My Xuan Ceramic

My Xuan Ceramic is one of the leading housewares ceramic manufacturing company in Vietnam, exporting most of its production to Europe with total headcounts over 300 and sales over $5m and main customer being Ikea.

Logistics Manager - New Viet Diary

Own 5 warehouses with modern frozen and chill system and big delivery team at 5 sites, we are finding a good candidate for Logistics Manager. Dynamic, experienced and good educated people are welcomed for this vacancy.

Dynamic Supply Chains: delivering value through people

2013-08-16 17:58:10

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The primary focus is on re-interpreting customers’ differing expectations, and using this insight as the frame-of-reference to design the internal cultural capability to respond in the most appropriate ways. The ultimate aim is to eliminate over-servicing and reward those customers currently being under-serviced.

Four generic supply chain types are identified and described in detail, on both the demand- and supply–sides. With regard to the supply-side, the aim is to reconnect suppliers to enterprise chains rather than operating with separate procurement strategies, unconnected to the front-end. New ways of segmenting suppliers are suggested, which are quite different to conventional methods.

In the end, Gattorna identifies and describes a limited number of ‘hybrid’ supply chain configurations that he amply demonstrates with real examples, and in the process de-mystifies much of the complexity that has built up in contemporary supply chains.

This is a book for the C-level, watch out for it!

Price: VND1,200,000/book (included shipping fee)

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