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Planning Input for Supply Chain




Supply Chain Manager - Knauf

Knauf is a multinational producer of building materials and construction systems, headquartered in Iphofen, Germany. Knauf has over 23,000 employees in over 40 countries, and has a turnover in excess of €5.6billion. 

Production Planner - My Xuan Ceramic

My Xuan Ceramic is one of the leading housewares ceramic manufacturing company in Vietnam, exporting most of its production to Europe with total headcounts over 300 and sales over $5m and main customer being Ikea.

Logistics Manager - New Viet Diary

Own 5 warehouses with modern frozen and chill system and big delivery team at 5 sites, we are finding a good candidate for Logistics Manager. Dynamic, experienced and good educated people are welcomed for this vacancy.

Transportation and Logistics 2030 - Vol 1

2014-02-14 16:09:56

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Capacity management, cost control, cash management: these are the words heard in every boardroom, and represent some of the challenges that transportation and logistics (T&L) operators are facing as they navigate through the current economic environment. Taking quick and determined action is crucial for every company to address the threats of the crisis; for some companies responding appropriately will be a question of survival. 
At the same time, business leaders should not ignore the long-term trends in their markets and must ensure a sustainable positioning of their organisations. What will be the fuels for future means of transport? How can the T&L industry contribute to mitigating its environmental impact? How can the bottlenecks in transport infrastructure be overcome? Will the supply chains of the future still be global in nature? Or will we be experiencing a shift back to regional supply 
networks? Are the emerging markets of today the emerging markets of tomorrow? Is the maxim of sustainability and ethics a sustainable one or a temporary fashion? 
Transportation & Logistics 2030 (T&L 2030) is a series of publications that address these questions. Our objective is to develop insightful future scenarios about the development of the industry up to the year 2030. 

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